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    Choosing the Right Wig: Our guide to Face Shape and Eyebrows

    Choosing the Right Wig: Our guide to Face Shape and Eyebrows

    Right now, you might be asking yourself a very important question: which wig is best for me? After all, hairstyles and eyebrow shapes play a huge part in framing our faces. Haircuts are more powerful than most of us realise! Don’t worry, we’re here to share the simple science behind how we can all look our best. The answer is: follow your face shape.

    What is my face shape?

    Whether you wear wigs or not, discovering your face shape is a worthwhile mission in everyone’s hair journey. To figure it out, make sure that nothing is obstructing your view of the outline of your face. If necessary, tie back your hair and remove your headscarf, glasses or anything else that may be in the way. Stand directly in front of a mirror or take a selfie straight-on. You should fall into one of six categories: oval, round, heart, diamond, square or long. Can’t decide? Get a second opinion from a friend or from your hair stylist.

    Oval face shapes should…

    • Consider blunt bobs, sleek styles, slicked-back styles, choppy long bobs or side-sweeping fringes.
    • Avoid long, one-length cuts.

    Congratulations, your face shape naturally has the ideal balance that we’re all trying to achieve here! Your face is longer than it is wide and your jawline tapers in softly, becoming slightly narrower than your forehead. Like Jessica Alba and Beyoncé, you are the dream of every hair stylist. You can pull off just about any cut that you want, although smooth styles will look particularly striking on you.

    Brow Advice

    You suit most eyebrow styles, just avoid making them too angular. Keep the arch soft.

    Round face shapes should…

    • Consider hair height, textured pixie cuts, choppy long bobs, blunt long bobs, graduated bobs, long-layered cuts, beach waves or side-sweeping fringes.
    • Avoid blunt full fringes, slicked-back styles, short bobs and bouncy curls.

    Soft and feminine, the width of your cheekbones is very similar to the length of your face. You have a curved forehead and a rounded jawline. With bone structure to match Mila Kunis and Drew Barrymore, creating volume up top and texture below the chin is key to flattering your face shape.

    Brow Advice

    Keep your eyebrows curving subtly and higher at the arch. Lengthen the tails slightly.

    Heart face shapes should…

    • Consider pixie cuts, side-sweeping fringes, blunt full fringes, choppy long bobs, graduated bobs or loose curls.
    • Avoid slicked-back styles, short fringes, long one-length cuts, hair height and flipped ends.

    Your chiseled cheekbones are paired with a wider forehead and a narrower jawline. You might have a widow’s peak in your hairline or a defined chin, but maybe not. Like Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Pfeiffer, cutting in a fringe and creating volume around your jawline provides the perfect balance for your face shape.

    Brow Advice

    Shape your eyebrows softly and avoid lengthening the tails. Keep them closer together.

    Diamond face shapes should…

    • Consider textured pixie cuts, choppy long bobs, beach waves, side-sweeping fringes, feathery full fringes, curls forming at the jaw or layers breaking at the jaw.
    • Avoid blunt bobs, one-length cuts, blunt full fringes, hair height and volume at the cheeks.

    Your high cheekbones form the widest point across your face. Your forehead tapers in and you have a narrow jaw too. Just like Rihanna and Megan Fox, you should try creating soft texture around your jawline and maybe cut in a feathery fringe. This will compliment your face shape effortlessly.

    Brow Advice

    Keep your eyebrows looking angular and flatter. Don’t shape them too high or long.

    Square face shapes should…

    • Consider graduated bobs, long-layered cuts, beach waves, side-sweeping fringes, choppy long bobs or loose curls.
    • Avoid blunt bobs, blunt full fringes, sleek styles, volume at the cheeks and volume at the jaw.

    Your sharp jawline is your most prominent feature. Your face shape is angular with wide cheekbones and a wide forehead too. Take some sharp advice from Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley and opt for feathery and textured hairstyles which will soften your jaw or forehead.

    Brow Advice

    Your eyebrows look best when they are high and angular. Lengthen the tails a little bit.

    Long face shapes should…

    • Consider bouncy curls, beach waves, side-sweeping fringes, blunt full fringes, long-layered cuts or salon-style blowouts.
    • Avoid sleek styles, one-length cuts, graduated bobs and hair height.

    If you have a longer than oval-shaped face, then you’re just like Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. Luckily for you, those nineties babes have paved the way with some great hair inspiration. Flatter your face shape by choosing flowy hairdos, try adding more volume to the sides and cutting in a fringe.

    Brow Advice

    Your eyebrows should be more on the flat side and further apart. Don’t arch them high.