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Wig fitting, cutting & styling

Our dedicated experts are not only highly trained in finding the perfect new hair for you, but also have a deep and personal understanding of many conditions which cause hair-loss. Together with our skills, experience we'll help you find your new hair, give you a stunning look and help you be you again.

Hair-loss Treatments & advice

You may not always need a complete wig. Many people experience partial hair-loss that requires a subtle hair piece. We offer ready to wear and custom made pieces in any size, shape or skin colour you need. We're also able to offer expert advice on hair and skin care, and other products which may help.

Welness Workshops & Events

While your appearance is a vital part of helping you to be you again, we also understand that it's not everything. That's why we regularly hold events in-which other people share their stories, and take part in relaxing activities which can help to relieve stress and worry.

Learn more about our Wellness Workshops & Events

Wig Colouring

We pride ourselves at being at the top of our game with human hair wig colouring. A lot of our human hair pieces are custom coloured by our team. The process involved in colouring a wig is extremely difficult, time consuming and often unpredictable but we only colour hair we have provided ourselves so that we can trace its origin.

Wig Repair & Maintenance

We are qualified in wig repairs and maintenance. We offer wig washing and styling, wig revitalisation and if your repair is more extensive we can send it off for further repair and upkeep.

NHS & Hair-loss Funding advice

We are an official NHS supplier and are able to offer a great deal of advice regarding funding and the options you have available to you. Plus, we’re proud to be partners of The Little Princess Trust and supply human hair wigs, free of charge, to young people under 25yrs with hair-loss due to cancer or other illnesses.

Our Beautiful Hair-loss Lounge

Finding your new hair shouldn’t be a medical experience nor a wig shop one (buying your new hair off the shelf is something we do not want). That’s why we created the hair-loss lounge; a beautiful salon space over three floors  dedicated to hair-loss treatments and services (the only one of it’s kind in the North East). There’s not a manequin in sight. Just beautiful, private surroundings all designed to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. There’s room for a friend or family member too for extra support.

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