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From help and advice to fitting and styling, our expert stylists are here to help.

Free Fitting & Styling
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Consultations, Help & Advice

Whether you’re just setting out on your hair-loss journey and want to know what to expect or where to begin, or you’re already experiencing hair-loss and looking for a new wig or new look, our experts are here to help. We have an incredible friendly, experienced and knowledgable team available to discuss your needs and concerns, and answer any questions you may have.

As an official NHS Supplier, we’re also in a unique position to help advice NHS clients on funding options.

We’re available by telephone on 0330 229 0925, email (, live chat, or if you’d rather Skype, let us know and we’ll arrange it.

Funding, Discounts & Finance Options

We believe everyone should be able to feel like themselves. To help, we offer a range of options to help fund your new hair and get you on the way to being you again including:

Wellness Workshops & Treatments

While your appearance is a vital part of helping you to be you again, we also understand that it’s not everything. That’s why we regularly host events at which other people can share their stories and take part in relaxing activities to relieve stress and worry.

Ease away your stresses with a specialist treatment

Here at the Wonderful Wig Company we don’t just specialise in wigs. Our dedicated wellness treatments are specifically designed with you mind. For times of anxiety, stress, trauma, illness and bereavement, and for those living with cancer and beyond. Our team of experts are fully trained to perform cancer safe treatments before during and after treatment, taking careful consideration of any adverse factors along the way. Our team are highly trained and hold the highest level of accreditation when it comes to your wellbeing and safety throughout your cancer journey.

Free Fitting & Styling

If you’re local to us, you’re welcome to pop into one of our two salons located in Sunderland and Jesmond, Newcastle, where you can have a chat with our understanding, highly-trained wig experts over a cup of coffee, and have your new wig or hair-piece perfectly fitted and styled.

Our beautiful wig lounge offers a bright and spacious retreat where you can make the most out of your free consultation. Sit back, relax and try on a range of high-quality wigs. Our cancer-surviving stylists are here to share their friendly advice and expertise; taking care of your personal hair needs. Don’t wait around, book an appointment with The Wonderful Wig Company today.

Hair-loss Treatments & advice

You may not always need a complete wig. Many people experience partial hair-loss that requires a subtle hair piece. We offer ready to wear and custom made pieces in any size, shape or skin colour you need. We're also able to offer expert advice on hair and skin care, and other products which may help.


Wig Repair & Maintenance

We are qualified in wig repairs and maintenance. We offer wig washing and styling, wig revitalisation and if your repair is more extensive we can send it off for further repair and upkeep.

Wig Colouring

We pride ourselves at being at the top of our game with human hair wig colouring. A lot of our human hair pieces are custom coloured by our team. The process involved in colouring a wig is extremely difficult, time consuming and often unpredictable but we only colour hair we have provided ourselves so that we can trace its origin.

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