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Wellness Workshops & Events

Because we know that being you again is about more than your appearance, we host a variety of inclusive events where people can share their stories and take part in relaxing activities to relieve stress and worry. Keep an eye out for our wellness workshops.

We have introduced enriching and educational wellness workshops to the salon. These workshops focus on a variety of topics, covering everything from your mind, body or soul. They interactive workshops run quarterly and focus on areas affecting anyone with hair loss. Whether it’s lessons in eyebrow application, general mindfulness, exercises or coping  strategies, our workshops provide a positive environment for those going though illness and  distress. 

The Wonderful Arty Club

Our latest venture, ran by our founder, an artist, a teacher and a palliative care nurse. This club will combine a real expertise and understanding of the holistic impact of positive mindfulness. The art club aims to will give those in the middle of a life trauma a place of real creative escapism. The classes will be completely complimentary when signing up to join via our newsletter.

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