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    Collection: Wig Caps

    Wig caps provide a great wig with the perfect base on which to sit. That's why investing in a high quality, comfortable wig cap can give you a real confidence boost when setting your wig in place for the day, as a good wig cap will keep your wig in place all day long. Wig caps can also come in a range of materials, from synthetic fibres to soft bamboo, so you can choose the right cap to compliment your wig. If you have a sensitive scalp that can be easily irritated, then choosing a premium wig cap can be the perfect solution and really transform how comfortable you feel when wearing your wig.

    Wig caps keep your head feeling cool, comfortable and itch-free while wearing your chosen wig. The breathable and lightweight material is easily adjustable and you can choose a colour of wig cap to complement your wig. As well as being comfortable, wig caps are designed to keep your wig securely in place. This makes them the perfect addition to any wig as they can provide an extra level of confidence when it comes to keeping your wig in place. Shop our full range of wig caps in a range of colours and multipacks at the Wonderful Wig Company.

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