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    8 Old Wig Wife's Tales - 8 Myths About Wigs - That Are Simply Not True!

    UK Hair Boss Disproves Common Wig Myths Hola and welcome, All the myths about wigs circling the internet come from tittle tattle and old wiv...

    Our amazing partnership with the Little Princess Trust

    The Little Princess Trust has been helping children and young people up to the age of 24 since 2006, by providing free real hair wigs to those who ...

    Can The Cold Cap Save My Hair from Falling Out During Chemo?

    Whenever I take a call from a distressed woman about to lose her hair due to chemotherapy I am so very often asked the question “Can anything s...

    Things Your Oncologist Team Won’t Tell You About Hair Loss

    Oncologists do incredible work. They devote themselves to getting you through your cancer journey physically. As someone who has experienced cancer...
    Covid-19 Updates

    Covid-19 Updates

    Monday 2 November, 2020 We will remain open throughout lockdown Later this week England will begin a national “lockdown” requiring all non-es...

    How To Part A Wig

    Today, we are going to discuss how to part a wig, including which kinds of wigs can be parted and which ones are already done for you. Stick ar...

    4 Reasons Why the Wig Returned in the 1960s

    By the swinging sixties, the wig had been out of style for a while. The use of hairpieces for both men and women had gone up and down throughou...

    5 Ways To Make Your Wig Look Real.

    Believability is the main goal for most of our clients. That’s why our specialist team at The Wonderful Wig Company want everyone who steps in our ...

    How To Style Your Synthetic Wig

    Our wig specialists here at The Wonderful Wig Company find themselves facing this question often. So, we’re here today to share our knowledge w...

    How to wash your synthetic wig - video guide

    Nicola explains how to wash your synthetic hair wig and ensure your wig looks and feels fantastic, and lasts as long as possible.

    How to wash your human hair wig - video guide

    Nicola explains how to wash your human hair wig and ensure your wig looks great, feels wonderful and lasts as long as possible.

    Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) explained - video guide

    Nicola talks about Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) aka ‘Trich’.