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    Trichologist & Scalp Specialist

    Here at the Wonderful Wig Company, we’re proud to say that our founder is a qualified trichologist, as well as a professional hair stylist with decades of experience in all things hair, scalp and hair loss related.

    As a trichologist, Nicola is qualified to offer advice on hair loss, thinning, disease and more. This includes diagnosing the reason behind the hair thinning, scalp issue or hair loss. As well as being a professional trichologist and hair salon owner, Nicola has also been on her own hair loss journey, and so is in a unique position when it comes to providing a combination of professional and personal advice around hair loss. 

    Wherever you’re based, we welcome clients from across the country to our dedicated salon in Sunderland. If you’re looking for a trichologist or scalp specialist near you to visit in person, then book an appointment in our Sunderland salon. However, if you’re not based locally to the North East, then we’d be happy to either advise on travel or arrange an initial telephone or online consultation. 

    If you are planning a visit to our resident trichologist Nicola, then our salon has over 200 five star reviews from customers on Google who have used the salon for hair styling, wig styling and hair loss advice. We welcome clients from all over the country, so whether you’re local or willing to travel to meet the right expert, get in touch today to arrange an appointment. 

    Call 0330 229 0925, book online here or email

    If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning or scalp issues and are wanting to speak to a scalp specialist or trichologist, then you may have some questions. Below, we have answered some of the commonly-asked questions by clients looking for a trichologist appointment. We hope you will find these helpful ahead of your visit. 

    What can I expect from my trichologist appointment?

    Whether you visit our salon, arrange a phone call or video consultation, you will meet with Nicola Wood, our resident qualified trichologist and founder of the Wonderful Wig Company. Our consultations are private and discrete, so if you do pay a visit to our Sunderland salon, then you will be taken to a private room and made comfortable. 

    Nicola will then meet with you to discuss your hair loss and ask you a series of questions designed to help identify the cause (if it is not already known). Once this is established, Nicola will professionally assess your hair and scalp and suggest a number of outcomes to thicken your hair, stimulate hair growth or other available options too. 

    Ultimately, it is important to stress that the advice you are given will be completely unique to you. This includes specific advice relating to your hair loss and scalp condition diagnosis, but also you as a person and how you would love your hair to look in a perfect world. Ultimately, it’s about how Nicola can use her experience of hair loss herself, decades of experience as a salon owner, and as a qualified trichologist to help you get the hair you’d love. It’s our hope that you leave armed with advice, confidence and optimism when it comes to your hair.

    Where is the Wonderful Wig Company’s trichologist service based?

    Our salon (called Kitui) is based in Sunderland and is easily accessible for clients based around the North East. Many of our clients also travel from across the country for our trichologist service, as well as our wig styling and general hair loss. We recommend getting in touch to book an appointment so that we can offer you the best experience possible during your consultation.

    You can find our salon at:

    33 Melbourne Place, Sunderland, SR4 8LN

    Our opening hours are extended during weekdays, so that you can choose an appointment time that is convenient for you:

    Tuesday 9am – 8pm 
    Wednesday 9:30am – 8pm 
    Thursday 9am – 8pm 
    Friday 9am – 6pm 
    Saturday 7:30am – 5pm


    Why is it important to see a qualified trichologist? 

    Of course, here at the Wonderful Wig Company, hair loss is our specialist and something that we are extremely passionate about, both on a personal and professional level. Hair loss can occur for all kinds of reasons, from hereditary and genetics, to cancer treatment and scalp diseases. Understanding your hair and scalp is key to knowing why your hair is thinning, rescinding or falling out, and a specialist trichologist can arm you with that information. This understanding also allows us to help you long after your consultation, by recommending solutions that will work for you in the short, medium and long term. 

    The other reason it’s so important to see a specialist is because alongside providing a diagnosis, they can consider your personal aspirations for your hair and your own circumstances. For some, the cost of a solution may be restrictive, or, their schedule may not allow for anything too time-intensive. By arranging an appointment, we can take all of this information into account to provide you with a solution that works for you. 

    Call 0330 229 0925, book online here or email