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Exclusive Hair Loss Consultations

For women going through chemotherapy

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Book an exclusive hair loss consultation with our company founder, Nicola Wood.

Nicola knows this situation all too well having been diagnosed with cancer herself.


I know that facing hair loss is traumatic and scary, and that you probably feel out of control with it all. I know that you are sick of the uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis brings. You’re fed up of waiting and waiting.

While you are scared of hearing the facts, all you want is the facts – despite them being scary!

The questions on everyone’s lips

You want to be prepared. You want to be organised. You want to know when your hair will fall out, what day it will happen, what you will look like and how your family and friends  and possibly your children will take that. You want to have your new hair and to love it. You don’t want anything that doesn’t look or feel like you. You have got to be in control of your hair situation though. It’s so important to how you are going to cope with everything whilst you are dealing with so many other things in your life.

You’ve got so much on your plate, endless scans, appointments and tests at the hospital, that’s without managing your day job, juggling the school run and  looking after a home.

But what about everyone else?

Then there’s your precious family and close friends, they love you beyond compare, this cancer diagnosis  has shown that,  but you are  trying so hard to protect them because you know they are hurting just like you. You’re protecting   everyone else  around you and some days, putting on a face for them so they don’t fall apart too. Answering the endless daily barrage of messages of “you got this” and “any news ?” suddenly becomes your job. It’s utterly exhausting  some days and I totally get that. 

What can you expect?

There is so much to think about your head hurts but  the  one thing that plays over and over in your mind and you can’t stop thinking about is your hair and loosing it .

You just want your hair sorted,  everyone around you says that it is not  important, “just another side effect” they say,  “you’ll still look beautiful “ they say, “it’s not relevant” they say,  just as long as you’re cancer free. But  to you, it is at the top of your list of priorities you can’t stop thinking about it, it upsets you so much, you are a woman and you take care of yourself  and in fact, it is the side effect that upsets you the most, when you think of everything that a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy will bring.

I want you to know that I know just how you are feeling right now and I am here for you.

I have walked in your shoes – yes, the hospital issue flip flops and the Jimmy Choos – and I have felt every emotion you are feeling too. I have sat in the chair by myself whilst being told  ”I’m sorry Mrs Wood I’m afraid you do have cancer“. I remember thinking this must be a joke. How can I have cancer? I’m far too young! I’m far too busy and happy! Don’t you dare tell me this you’re ruining everything I don’t believe you, I felt my perfect little world slip from beneath me and for possibly the first time in my life my life was out of my control and I could do absolutely nothing to stop this thing from happening”.

I am here to give you back the control over your hair loss and everything that goes with it.

This is exactly why I founded the Wonderful Wig Company just months after my diagnosis in 2016. I wished that there was somewhere I could go to speak honestly (and discreetly) about my hair loss journey, someone who just got that to me it was a big deal  – When will my hair fall out? When will my hair grow back? What will that look like? Will my children look at me differently? Will my partner find me attractive? And what wigs are even available – does quality differ? Is real hair better than synthetic hair? Will it look natural? Will it match my own hair?

Believe me, I have asked those questions as have so many of my 1500+ clients who have had wigs fitted by me personally, and the many more I’ve spoken to on their journey. 

And that’s why I offer discrete, 121 Hair Confidence Consultations via Zoom or face to face for women who are looking to talk to a wig specialist. So, my promise to you is that you will leave that first meeting feeling empowered and knowledgeable on the full process. You will know that, although hair loss is frightening, you will be armed with all the facts that you need to face it, head on… literally.

We don’t just sell wigs. We support you and style them to match your hair or give you a completely new look.

You’re going to leave our first meeting with a clear, structured plan of:

Don’t fear. We are fully prepared for instant hair loss too and for hair loss that has already happened. That’s why we have one of the largest collections of off-the-shelf, human hair and synthetic wigs in the UK and we even offer a loan service for emergencies.

We call it a Hair Confidence Consultation because, afterwards, you will have utter confidence that you have nailed your hair loss. Strand by strand, your new hair will be just like your biological hair or even better than before – if it’s an upgrade you’re after! You can have the hair that you’ve always dreamed of and waltz back into your life with the confidence you had, before the diagnosis.

I can promise that you will be supported, along the entire journey, by myself – a hairdresser for 25 years, a cancer survivor for almost 5 years, and a hair-loss expert for 4 years.

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I found out about Nicola after meeting a lady called Claire at Maggies Cancer Care centre in Newcastle. I visited Nicola, not really knowing what I wanted, but she’s so thorough I knew I was in good hands!

We ordered a few real hair wigs to try, and I came away knowing I’d have my perfect wig in a few days. I love the fact that the wigs which were ordered came in just for me, and it's not like a wholesaler for wigs of all different cuts and colours.

My wigs arrived and Nicola let me try them all on, in the salon, and natural light outside. I found my perfect wig and she cut it to a perfect style. The wig is nearly identical to my original hair before chemotherapy – when I visited my work colleagues, they didn’t know I’d lost my real hair! I was so impressed…

Claire Watkins

Our Hair Loss Consultations: What’s Included?

I invite you to book a one hour, one-to-one Hair Confidence Consultation with me, company founder, Nicola Wood.

First off, we will have a friendly, private and informal discovery session. We can do this remotely via Zoom or through any online video chat, or we can do it at one of our salons in the North East of England.

Who will attend? Just you and me, plus anyone else who you may wish to bring along.

After our discover session, you will leave with:

*On average, wigs cost somewhere in the range £800 and £1500 for something that we already have in stock, sourced straight from our shelves. Payment plans available. 

For a bespoke wig that has been tailored fully to your tastes, wigs cost between £1500 to £2500. Whichever option you choose, your wig will be cut, styled, personalised and coloured to your personalised preferences.

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Celia's experience

Why I needed the service

In Nov 2017 I underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer. As a result I lost my hair and purchased a wig from a different supplier. I wasn’t happy with the condition of my wig so Nicola was recommended to me by several friends.

How I felt before the service

Although I liked my wig it was not a good fit and I had not been given any maintenance advice so it was looking more unnatural with every wear. This made me feel increasingly self conscious.

Working with Nicola

Meeting Nicola was a revelation – not only did she manage to fix my existing wig but helped me get a secure and natural looking wig that made me feel as if I had never lost my hair. Nicola matched my new wig to the colour and style of my original hair. Aside from this, Nicola was so kind, non-judgemental and never once gave the dreaded sympathy face!

Nicola and the team always went above and beyond, from being accessible 24/7, working on evenings and weekends to get my wig ready for a ‘night out’ in time to offering constant guidance and advice. The kindness and care the whole team showed was invaluable.

How I feel now

Nicola has helped me immensely through the process of my hair re-growth which has been a long journey and is still ongoing. At each stage Nicola has given me advice on how to manage my hair whilst taking on board the requirements I had and creating a style and colour I was happy with. When my own hair grew back she supported me with expert testing of my new hair before safely applying my first colour my first haircut after chemo was complementary a lovely touch .

Why are the services different to any other?

Simply better in every possible way: support, guidance, styling advice, non-judgemental,amazing quality and choice of hair going the extra mile.

Would you recommend us to other women in similar situations?

Hell Yeah!! At a time where everything is abnormal in your day to day life, Nicola made me feel and look absolutely normal.

Why book an appointment with us?

Purpose driven service

We had one mission when we founded this business - to help people overcome hair loss to empower them when they needed it most to give them back control and not to be like any other wig shop or hair loss service out there. We were determined to make our client feel so special and asi f this service was just for them. We make new hair systems and wigs that are beautiful and unique they are just for you. No two are the same. You will be personally looked after by Nicola, our owner and founder.

Large selection of wigs, including access to emergency wigs

From us, you can expect access to one of the largest selection of human hair wigs and ranges in the UK, as well as your discovery session with me, expert guidance and proper measuring.

Our emergency wig provision also means that, if your needs are sudden and urgent, we can organise next-day delivery or interim wig loan until your special piece is ready for you!

Expert wig styling and ongoing support you can count on

It is crucial to us that you feel confident in your new hair system and that your wig fits perfectly. Therefore, we offer:

  • Nicola’s direct contact information for speedy support and privacy
  • A complimentary cutting, shaping and styling session with Nicola, in person or virtually
  • Your first complimentary blow-dry and conditioning treatment on us (this can be done in person, or you’re welcome to send the wig to us in the post / via courier and we’ll send it back to you)
  • Wig customisation work created by Nicola herself, including adding baby hair to the hairline or even a soft shadow colour to the root for a more lived-in look

Flexible approach

You’re welcome to visit us in the salon. We can help you remotely. Or if your treatment plan doesn’t allow or if you require a personal service in your home, we can arrange for Nicola to travel to you, anywhere in the UK. Nicola can come to visit your home and she has previously brought her salon service to clients abroad. Charges apply.

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About Nicola

Having been through this experience myself and having over 25 years experience as a hairdresser I know just how important it is that you feel safe and that you are in good hands.

This is why I have invested and committed to excellence in the fitting of wigs for women diagnosed with cancer.

“I received my very first wig from here and it definitely won’t be the last! The wig is of a high quality and has made me feel fabulous!! Thank you to Nicola and Beverly for making me feel like a princess”


Unrivalled hair loss expertise and commitment to supporting those suffering from hair loss

As an industry representative and inspirational speaker for the NHS, Nicola passionately  runs a team of volunteer hairdressers in hospices whilst organising wellbeing workshops for cancer and hair-loss sufferers. 

Nicola is also involved in research projects with Newcastle University to change the perceptions of hair loss – not to mention, she also leads a big team across her salons in the North East, and she personally trains her team of hair-loss experts to be the very best in the business!

Nicola specialises in helping people with a range of hair loss conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Medical hair loss
  • Alopecia – every type

Contact us now

We provide a fully inclusive service to help you get through your hair loss situation, whatever it may be. Contact us now on 0191 528 3925 or email us on info@wonderfulwigs.co.uk

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