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    Best Wig Brands Available in the UK


    If you’re looking for a fabulous looking, high-quality wig from a reputable brand, then look no further. Here at the Wonderful Wig Company, we only stock the best wig brands in the UK. In fact, we don’t stock any wigs that we haven’t hand-picked. That means we’ve visited the wig brand HQ and felt the quality of the wigs for ourselves. This is because we pride ourselves on only stocking the very best wigs from the very best brands, and we don’t leave this to chance. 

    Our customers expect the best, which is why as well as stocking some of the most-loved wig brands in the UK (such as Ellen Wille, Gisela Mayer, Trend Co, Raquel Welch and TrendCo), we have also developed our very own wig brand - Wonderful Wig Co, which is now a best-selling wig brand in its own right. Now, we might be biased, but we firmly believe that our own-band is one of the best wig brands in the UK - offering quality, style and value with each and every wig. 

    Below, we have listed seven of the most popular wig brands available to buy from reputable UK wig retailers such as ourselves, to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing a wig from a trusted brand. 


    1. Wonderful Wig Co.

    Of course, number 1 on our list of best wig brands in the UK is our own brand (located in the North East of England). That’s because our founder, Nicola Wood, established our own brand of wigs after becoming frustrated with the lack of wigs on the market that offered both exceptional quality and modern style.

    Nicola was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 36, and as a professional hairstylist, found the hair loss resulting from chemotherapy extremely difficult. This was not helped by the lack of wigs on the market that offered style and quality - as well as the lack of companies that offered any personal level of customer service. 

    As they say, if you want something doing well, then you’re better off doing it yourself. And so Nicola did exactly that - founding the Wonderful Wig Company and designing her very own range of wigs that perfectly balance quality, style and value. 

    Shop all of our Wonderful Wig Co wigs.

    2. TrendCo

    As well as offering a range of wigs, TrendCo also produce hairpieces, headwear and turbans and so is a brand that has lots to offer customers looking for a wig for any reason or style solution for hair loss.

    Unlike other wig brands in this list, along with ourselves, TrendCo is based in the UK. The HQ can be found in London, with salons in Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh to name a few. 

    TrendCo is one of our best-selling brands here at the Wonderful Wig Company, and so if you’re looking for a UK-based wig retailer and wig brand that can offer you exceptional choice and service, then look no further than our collection of TrendCo wigs. 

    Shop all of our TrendCo wigs.

    3. Ellen Wille

    Ellen Wille wigs are among the finest available and they retail at a premium because of their fine quality, natural look and modern styles.

    For those looking for a high-quality wig made from human hair, Ellen Wille wigs offer a fantastic range of choice. This wig brand is one of the most popular on our website thanks to the quality that they offer. So, if you’re looking for a wig to invest in, then we highly recommend browsing our range of Ellen Wille wigs, as an official UK stockist.

    Shop all of our Ellen Wille wigs.

    4. Raquel Welch 

    Raquel Welch is one of the most popular wig brands, founded by American actress, Raquel Welch. These wigs are designed to look, move and feel like your own hair. As this is an American brand, many of the wigs are more American in style too, but many can be styled to suit your own taste. 

    Raquel Welch offers both human hair and synthetic wigs, so you can find a range of wigs from this popular brand to suit your budget too. 

    Shop all of our Raquel Welch wigs.

    5. Gisela Mayer

    Gisela Mayer is another brand named after its founder, and is a wig brand that has been around since the 1960s. Now run by Gisela’s son, Gisela Mayer wigs remain one of the most popular wig brands around. 

    This brand offers the largest range of wigs, toupees and hairpieces in Europe, offering modern styles in natural lengths. 

    Shop all of our Gisela Mayer wigs.

    6. Rene of Paris 

    Despite the inclusion of Paris in its name, Rene of Paris is now a brand of Aderans Hair Goods, which is a US-based company. This brand has been around for nearly 50 years, and produces a huge range of beautiful wigs in many different styles and colourways. 

    The Rene of Paris range includes both real hair and synthetic wigs, so there’s plenty to choose from for customers with all budgets.

    Shop all of our Rene of Paris wigs.

    7. Natural Image

    Natural Image is the number one wig supplier currently in the UK, offering a large range of quality wigs, hair pieces and wig care products. Here at the Wonderful Wig Company, we stock a huge range of Natural Image wigs, including their human hair and synthetic wig ranges as well as the Inspired By Natural Image collection. 

    Natural Images look amazingly natural and are made of high-quality materials throughout, so it really is no surprise that this is such a popular brand.

    Shop all of our Natural Image wigs.

    Find the Best Wig for You

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