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    Hartlepool and North Tees Trust Information

    We would like to introduce ourselves as the current solo supplier to the Hartlepool and North Tees NHS Foundation Trust, providing all hair loss support, wigs and other appliances. 

    What happens next:

    Once you have been identified as potentially requiring a wig then you will be referred to us by your hospital and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

    You can also contact us directly by calling 0191 232 9432 or emailing

    Your options:

    OPTION 1:

    In-person consultation and wig fitting at one of our salons (Newcastle or Sunderland).

    • This is the provision and model that we have worked around the region for the past five years with our very best customer feedback.
    • You are assured of a full hairdressing experience by coming into salon.
    • We have hundreds of wigs on site and all of the tools necessary to make any adjustments on the day and more than 50% of clients using this service leave with their new hair on their first visit.
    • We have disabled access and are not constricted to hospital hours therefore weekends and weeknights are now available to you.
    • The price of the consultation is inclusive in the cost of the wigs.

    OPTION 2

    Online consultation with a hairdressing professional and your wig can then be posted or picked up.

    • You will have an initial 60 minute consultation (either online or in salon). This allows us to properly look at sizing, previous choices of wig, skin tone, current hair loss position etc.
    • Please note we also have a bespoke online service just for long term hair loss suerers.
    • £50 will be taken o your voucher value for this consultation leaving you with £100 to spend online.
    • Our online prices are however much lower than in salon prices (as with all wig providers). This reflects running costs for in salon services.
    • Your initial consultation is only necessary once unless your hair loss condition changes. So after the first visit you will have the full £150 to spend on our online store.

    OPTION 3

    You can book an in-person consultation at one of our pop-up hospital sessions.

    • These in-person hospital consultation will be at various pop-up sessions at the hospital.
    • Please note that wig and hair options are more limited as we cannot keep our full stock in the hospital.
    • Please also note that there is a high chance that you will need a repeat appointment after your initial consultation.

    You are more than welcome to combine Option 1 and Option 3.

    Some questions you might want answering:

    The following Q&A's below have been specially compiled to help you through your journey.  We will help with all your unanswered questions and guide you through the process to help you take back control of your hair loss.


    When should I look into getting a wig? As soon as your oncology or haematology team tell you your treatment will induce hair loss.

    Will I always lose my hair with chemo? If your oncology or haematology team have told you that you will lose your hair and you proceed with treatment then unfortunately you will lose your hair.

    Can I save my hair during chemo? The only thing that can help reduce hair loss is a cold cap.  It is not suitable for all but your specialist nurse can advise you further on this.  Even those who do choose to cold cap are advised to prepare for hair loss as it has varying success rates.

    When will I lose my hair with chemo? Hair loss will usually start to occur 2-3 weeks after your first course of chemo.What can I do to prepare for my hair loss? Ask for a referral and make an appointment with us –0191 232 9432!

    Will I get help from the hospital regarding my hair loss?   NHS will contribute up to £150 plus VAT 

    People under the age of 25. If you are losing your hair you are entitled to a real hair wig provided by the Little Princess Trust.  Your Specialist Nurse will organise the referral.  In addition to the human hair wig you are also entitled to NHS funding.  We can arrange both for you so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    What products should I use for my hair and scalp during treatment? It is best to use products with minimal chemicals in throughout your treatment.  Ideally when shampooing and conditioning your hair or scalp through treatment you should use paraben and sulphate free products.  These are also ideal to use on any wig so are useful to have during your treatment, wig care and hair regrowth stages.  An organic oil is also advised for use on your scalps to prevent dryness caused by treatment.