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    Specialist Hair Loss & Wig Expert Bristol

    Your Local Hair Loss Expert, Claire McCormack, Servicing Bristol, Bath, Newport (Wales), Chippenham, Trowbridge and Swindon.

    • Award-winning service
    • Loved by clients (Rated 4.9/5)
    • Friendly, caring experts
    NHS Approved Supplier

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    Bristol and surrounding areas

    Opening Hours

    • Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
    • Sunday: Closed

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    “Absolutely amazing salon! Got recommended here by the princess trust and I am so happy with the service I received. Nicola made me feel welcomed and comforted as I was so nervous about going, couldn’t thank her enough for the advice she gave me! Would definitely recommend to anybody.”

    Emily Greenwood

    Claire McCormack

    About This Salon Owner, Claire McCormack

    Claire McCormack is a highly experienced Wig Fitting Consultant having spent over 25 years in the hair and beauty industry, predominantly working with clients across Bristol and the South West of the UK.

    Claire has a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding hair loss. Her expertise is not just in the aesthetic aspect of wig fitting, but also in addressing the emotional and psychological needs of her clients.

    For the past decade, Claire has dedicated herself to working specifically with individuals experiencing hair loss, catering to a wide range of clients, including both private individuals and NHS patients. Her experience spans a diverse clientele: children, adults, pensioners, alopecia sufferers, chemotherapy patients, members of the LGBTQ+ community, crossdressers, and many others, showcasing her ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

    Claire's approach to wig fitting is holistic. She doesn't just fit a wig; she crafts a solution tailored to each individual's unique situation and needs. Her extensive knowledge of a multitude of wig brands and types allows her to offer customised recommendations, ensuring that every client finds a wig that not only looks natural but also feels comfortable and boosts their confidence. This depth of knowledge and experience also means that Claire can work with all budgets to help you find the right wig for you.

    Known for her confidence, kindness, friendliness, and approachability, Claire excels in creating an environment where her clients feel at ease, cared for, and importantly, heard. She prides herself on her ability to make her clients feel comfortable and supported through their hair loss journey.

    As a new member of The Wonderful Wig Company team, Claire is excited to bring her wealth of experience and compassionate service to more people across Bristol and the surrounding areas.

    Clients travel from miles around to visit Claire McCormack in Bristol, including from Bath, Newport, Swindon and more.

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    Claire McCormack Wig Consultation & Hair Loss Services

    Expert Guidance on Coping with Hair Loss

    With her profound understanding of the emotional and physical aspects of hair loss, Claire offers empathetic and knowledgeable advice. She creates a safe, inclusive, and compassionate environment, ensuring clients feel comfortable and heard.

    Assistance in Selecting the Ideal Wig

    Selecting the right wig can be a transformative experience. Claire excels in finding the perfect wig for each client, considering their personal style and comfort. Her extensive knowledge of numerous wig brands helps in choosing the right solution for each individual.

    Wide Range of Natural and Synthetic Wigs

    Claire's expertise covers both real human hair and synthetic wigs, offering options for authenticity or practicality based on client needs and preferences.

    Professional Maintenance and Care Advice for Wigs

    Maintaining the beauty and longevity of wigs is vital. Within every consultation, Claire provides clients with essential tips on wig care, from washing to storage, ensuring the longevity and quality of their wigs.

    Customised Wig Styling for a Personal Touch

    Recognising the unique identity of each client, Claire styles and customises wigs to reflect the wearer's personality and style preferences.

    LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Claire provides a respectful and inclusive space for all clients from all walks of life.

    Personalised One-on-One Consultations

    Claire offers focused, individual consultations in order to maintain a level of privacy and to understand each client's unique needs and preferences.

    Home Consultation Services for Added Convenience

    For added convenience, especially for those who cannot visit in person, Claire provides private in-home consultations.

    Claire McCormack’s Specialisms

    As a leading hair loss and wig expert in Bristol, Claire McCormack offers more than just wig selection. She combines emotional support, expert advice, and compassionate care, making her a trusted figure in the community. Claire is dedicated to ensuring every client feels beautiful, valued, and confident.

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    Begin your journey to the perfect wig with Claire McCormack.

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    About Us

    We meticulously vet every specialist listed on our website. We have met Claire McCormack, a respected wig fitting consultant and hair loss specialist in Bristol, and can vouch for her high service levels and expertise.

    To recommend a local expert or for more information please contact us.