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    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
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    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
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    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Codi Wig - Trendco Amore
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    Codi Wig - Trendco Amore

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    • Almond Rocka Almond Rocka
    • Apricot Frost Apricot Frost
    • Auburn Sugar Auburn Sugar
    • Auburn Sugar Rooted Auburn Sugar Rooted
    • Banana Split Long Rooted Banana Split Long Rooted
    • Burgundy Burgundy
    • Cappuccino Cappuccino
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    • Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
    • Espresso Espresso
    • Ginger Brown Ginger Brown
    • Ginger Highlighted Ginger Highlighted
    • Harvest Gold Harvest Gold
    • Honey Wheat Honey Wheat
    • Iced Mocha Iced Mocha
    • Iced Mocha Rooted Iced Mocha Rooted
    • Irish Spice Irish Spice
    • Macadamia Long Rooted Macadamia Long Rooted
    • Maple Sugar Maple Sugar
    • Maple Sugar Rooted Maple Sugar Rooted
    • Marble Brown Marble Brown
    • Mochaccino Mochaccino
    • Mochaccino Rooted Mochaccino Rooted
    • Nutmeg Rooted Nutmeg Rooted
    • Raspberry Ice Raspberry Ice
    • Silver Stone Silver Stone
    • Spring Honey Spring Honey
    • Strawberry Swirl Strawberry Swirl
    • Sugar Cane Sugar Cane
    • Toasted Brown Toasted Brown
    • Vanilla Lush Vanilla Lush
    Not sure what colour? Ask an expert! Our team of wig experts and stylists are available to advise on which could would suit you. If you can't make it to a salon, ask for an online consultation.

    Product Details
    Codi is a short bob. It lies just below the jawline and it has a few feathered layers at the front of the hair to create texture, It has no parting as it can be brushed to either side with a side fringe lying just above the eyebrows. Angled bob with a side-swept fringe creates a simply beautiful look. Also available in a XO cap. Satiny and sensible, this inverted bob goes straight for the heart-shaped faces. Minimise on the upkeep, this out-of-the-box style is like gold dust to those with active lives. The monofilament cap has a true to life scalp effect and vows that you’ll be pleased with the snug, smooth fit.

    Celebrity Inspiration

    Our noughties girl crush, Jessica Alba once gave this hairstyle a whirl and pulled it off beautifully.

    Match Your Style

    This cut is an ideal, get-up-and-go option for sporty girls, busy mothers, and women on the move. Don’t be fooled though, Codi can be easily dressed up with bright make-up or a big pair of statement earrings.

    Full Details

    This short-length, lightweight wig has been created using synthetic hair and a monofilament top. The cap is available in average size. The measurements are:


    5.75 inches / Crown: 7.5 inches / Nape: 1.75 inches / Weight: 3 ounces.

    Cap Comfort

    The monofilament cap is one of the most popular and affordable choices for wig wearers. This construction offers a smooth and breathable cap with a natural scalp effect and multidirectional styling, meaning that you can change the parting and see how the fibres move realistically. Soft and secure, these wigs are long-lasting and well-suited to daily wear.
    Fitting, Styling & Advice

    Getting the right size

    Do it yourself

    Getting the right fit is vital to ensuring your new hair is as comfortable, secure and natural-looking as possible. Taking measurements is easy and we have a complete guide complete with video of Nicola explaining how you can take accurate measurements.

    Read the guide

    Let the experts help

    We offer free wig fitting and styling appointments to all our customers at our beautiful salon in Sunderland. To book yours, call our salon on 0330 229 0925 where our friendly team will take your details and get you booked in.

    Choosing a colour and styling

    Not sure which colour is right for you? Our team are available to help find your perfect colour, style your new hair and offer advice. If you can't make it to a salon, simply ask for an online (video call) appointment!

    Book an appointment

    Wig Maintenance & Care

    If you're buying any wig or hair-piece it's important to take proper care of it to ensure it lasts as long as possible and, in the case of some wigs, that you don't void your warranty. For detailed information about how to look after your wig or hair product, take a look at our guides. You can also call or email our friendly team or advice whenever you need it.

    VAT Free

    If your hairloss is due to medical reasons, you may be able to save 20% at checkout. Simply complete a VAT Exemption Declaration and use your code to get 20% off eligible products when you check out. Learn more