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    easiCrown HD 12" by Jon Renau
    easiCrown HD 12" by Jon Renau
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, easiCrown HD 12" by Jon Renau
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, easiCrown HD 12" by Jon Renau

    easiCrown HD 12" by Jon Renau

    Jon Renau
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    Product Details

    The easiCrown HD 12-inch enhancer by Jon Renau is a one-piece volumizer that adds coverage and volume to the crown and back of the head! It clips in and out easily and it can be heat-styled to create any look. Perfect for the beginning stages of hair loss|the HD heat-defiant fibres have a natural texture you are sure to love. Even the monofilament base has been made to a high standard to mimic biological hair growth|offering you complete excellence both inside and out!

    Match Your Style: A magic little middy|the easiCrown HD 12-inch hair topper raises your roots with extra body. Not only does this exquisite hairpiece fashionably fill in the blanks|enhancers like this one have been a Hollywood hair hack for decades! Dream up your own red carpet ‘dos with Jon Renau.

    Frame Your Face: Oval|Round|Heart|Diamond|Square|Long

    Full Details: This medium-length hair topper has been created with synthetic|heat-resistant fibres. It has a monofilament base and a polyurethane perimeter. This hairpiece attaches with clips. The measurements are:

    Base Size: 6.5 x 2.2 inches / Overall Length: 12 inches approx.

    Attachment Type: This hair topper has been designed to conceal thinning hair and pattern baldness. This enhancement piece is available in a range of colours and it has a monofilament base|achieving an undetectable effect of real hair growth and movement. The clips only require a simple click into place and you're good to go! The additional polyurethane perimeter ensures an extra level of security and a stronger hold. Better yet|the heat-friendly fibres can handle your hot tools on a low setting at home.