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    Gaby by Jon Renau
    Gaby by Jon Renau
    Gaby by Jon Renau
    Gaby by Jon Renau
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    Gaby by Jon Renau

    Jon Renau
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    Not sure what colour? Ask an expert! Our team of wig experts and stylists are available to advise on which could would suit you. If you can't make it to a salon, ask for an online consultation.

    Product Details

    This short-layered Gaby wig has been created by Jon Renau to give you instant style. The length at the nape is ultra-feminine|while the O'Solite construction is practically weightless! Stay modern with this more mature look. Gaby gives you a featherlight|3.5-inch at the front with thick tresses that come to you pre-cut into 4-inch|curving crown layers. At the back|the 2.5-inch nape neatly leaves the neck exposed.

    Match Your Style: Gaby by Jon Renau is a hairstyle that holds hidden volume in its body. This lovely lift at the crown complements rounder face shapes the most. Gaby is cut with texture to keep it looking stylish for the current fashions. Lightweight and low-maintenance|this look is ready when you are!

    Frame Your Face: Round|Oval|Heart

    Full Details: This short-length wig is synthetic and it has open wefts. The cap is available in average size. The measurements are:

    Fringe: 3.5 inches / Crown: 4 inches / Nape: 2.5 inches approx.

    Cap Comfort: The machine wefted cap is the most affordable choice for wig wearers because this construction is the quickest and easiest to make. Designed with open wefts|this wig is made to be cooler and more breathable on the scalp than most other caps. This wig can be adjusted to fit individual wearers and it also has a velvet front hairline and nape at the back to increase the level of comfort!

    Please Note: If we do not have this piece in stock we will need to order it in. Deliveries normally arrive to us within 5-7 days from the day of your order. Once we receive the delivery we will post it out to you and update you on your order status. Please allow up to 14 days for full delivery. 

    Please also be aware that this wig is ordered from an international supplier so any returns will incur a 15% handling charge relating to customs and import charges. 

    Fitting, Styling & Advice

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