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    Hazel Wig - Trendco Sentoo
    Hazel Wig - Trendco Sentoo
    Hazel Wig - Trendco Sentoo
    Hazel Wig - Trendco Sentoo
    Hazel Wig - Trendco Sentoo
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    Hazel Wig - Trendco Sentoo

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    Product Details
    Hazel is a lot of feathered layers and a fringe that falls above the eyebrows. The beautiful waves in this wig create texture and volume. Hazel glides into a glossy, medium-length style which takes us back in time with some retro-loving flipped ends. This off-centre parting breaks into a delicate, side-sweeping 5.11-inch fringe that softly frames the face. Perching just above the shoulders, this neat and tidy hairdo reaches kicks out to a perfectly practical length for women of all ages to enjoy. Plus, it has a plush cap construction inside!

    Match Your Style

    This pretty cut will have you skipping down memory lane! Hazel’s ultra-feminine silhouette is cherished by women of all ages and these vintage-inspired flipped ends are very in vogue right now. So, choose well and keep up-to-the-minute with current fashion trends.

    Frame Your Face

    Oval, Diamond, Heart

    Full Details

    This medium-length wefted wig is synthetic and it has a monofilament top with a lace front. The cap is available in average size. The measurements are:


    5.11 inches / Crown: 9.84 inches / Nape: 5.9 inches approx.

    Cap Comfort

    This wig is wefted to be soft and breathable on your scalp. The monofilament top offers an undetectable effect of real hair growth and movement, it gives you stylish confidence and reassurance no matter the weather. Enjoy natural-looking hair and start your days with a smile. Very beneficial to total hair loss wig wearers, the lace front creates an unnoticeable hairline.
    Fitting, Styling & Advice

    Getting the right size

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    We offer free wig fitting and styling appointments to all our customers at our beautiful salon in Sunderland. To book yours, call our salon on 0330 229 0925 where our friendly team will take your details and get you booked in.

    Choosing a colour and styling

    Not sure which colour is right for you? Our team are available to help find your perfect colour, style your new hair and offer advice. If you can't make it to a salon, simply ask for an online (video call) appointment!

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