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    Top Full 12" by Jon Renau
    Top Full 12" by Jon Renau
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    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Top Full 12" by Jon Renau

    Top Full 12" by Jon Renau

    Jon Renau
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    Product Details

    This elegant 12-inch topper adds length and volume over the entire crown|creating the illusion of natural growth from the hand-tied monofilament top. The 11-inch base clips in comfortably and securely. With a gorgeously gentle silhouette, you can put your trust in this Top Full 12-inch hair enhancer by Jon Renau! Super-soft|inside and out|this topper helps to dot the i's and cross the t’s on your sense of style overall.

    Match Your Style: As the icing on the cake|this Top Full 12-inch topper is ideal for girls and women of all ages and personal tastes. High-quality with a hand-tied section|this medium-length look is bound to win you over with its beautiful blending ability. Browse through the shades to find your closest colour match.

    Full Details: This medium-length hair topper has been created with synthetic fibres. It has a double monofilament base and a polyurethane coating, as well as a 360° stretch hand-tied section. This hairpiece attaches with clips. The measurements are:

    Base Size: 11.5 x 11 inches / Overall Length: 10 - 12 inches approx.

    Attachment Type: This hair topper has been designed to conceal thinning hair and pattern baldness. This enhancement piece is available in a range of colours and it has a double monofilament base|offering twice as much comfort as before|as well as an undetectable effect of real hair growth and movement. The additional polyurethane coating ensures an extra level of security and a stronger hold. All around the hand-tied perimeter|each and every fibre has been expertly placed|cutting out mechanical stitching and wefts altogether. The clips only require a simple click into place and you're good to go!

    Please Note: If we do not have this piece in stock we will need to order it in. Deliveries normally arrive to us within 5-7 days from the day of your order. Once we receive the delivery we will post it out to you and update you on your order status. Please allow up to 14 days for full delivery. 

    Please also be aware that this wig is ordered from an international supplier and CANNOT be returned.