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Choosing the right wig: synthetic vs. human hair

New to wearing wigs? Not a problem! Here at The Wonderful Wig Company, we know that hair needs and preferences vary from person to person. So, we have created this easy-to-read, hand-on-heart guide to weigh the pros and cons about synthetic and human hair wigs, leaving you to reach your own conclusion about which type is best for you. 

Synthetic wigs are…

  • More budget-friendly
  • Low-maintenance with style retention
  • Diverse with many styles and a large colour range

Synthetic wigs are generally more affordable than human hair wigs because they are constructed using man-made fibres which imitate real hair. That being said, the more expensive synthetic wigs are so high quality that they can even trick the experts sometimes. Synthetic wigs tend to last for 4-6 months with daily wear and proper care. Shorter styles usually promise the most longevity.

Synthetic wigs have style retention and memory. What does this mean? Well, regardless of the rain, wind, humidity, as well as washing and drying your wig, it will always return to its initial style without you having to lift a finger. We know that wig wearers who are experiencing health issues can really benefit from this low-maintenance process. 

Synthetic wigs are not heat-friendly but they are versatile, offering many different styles and a large colour range of natural and non-natural shades. All wigs can be tweaked, snipped and altered by the professional wig stylists in our salon to suit your personal preferences. 

Human hair wigs are…

  • Made with real hair and offer countless styling options
  • Higher quality and longer-lasting
  • Heat-friendly and can be dyed or permed

Human hair wigs look and feel incredibly natural because they are created using real hair. These wigs may last for a year or more with daily wear and proper care. So, human hair wigs tend to cost more.

Human hair wigs offer so much versatility for styling. They can be cut, coloured and permed and they are heat-friendly, so you can use hair straighteners and curlers to achieve different looks. This means that human hair wigs require just as much time and effort as regular hair does. These wigs will react to the weather, heat, dye and brushing just like natural hair does. Be careful not to cause damage!

Human hair wigs come in a huge variety with so many different textures and densities, allowing you to get a very close match to what you already know. You could even try something new. All wigs can be tweaked, snipped and altered by the professional wig stylists in our salon to suit your personal preferences.