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    3 Must-See Videos About Women With Alopecia

    3 Must-See Videos About Women With Alopecia

    As so much content floods the Internet, these three videos really stand out to us as incredibly important to watch. They provide genuine insight into what living with alopecia feels like. Across social media, there is now a blossoming hair-loss community which has built a safe space around women who want to connect with one another and find more people who they can relate to.

    9 Women Tell the Truth About Life After Hair Loss

    ‘I notice beautiful features on somebody’s face. Somebody might have beautiful eyes or big, full lips, or great cheekbones – and everybody has a special feature. When you don’t have hair, you can really figure out what that feature is.’

    This video was produced by Vogue and it collates the thoughts of nine women, who all come from different backgrounds but they have one common thread to their stories. Hair loss is what unites these girls as they open up about their acceptance of it in this encouraging, candid video.

    What Makes This Woman with Alopecia Feel Beautiful

    ‘A bunch of bald kids and I went bowling and I felt completely free – and then once I got that taste of freedom, I was like “that’s it, I’m done [with wearing wigs]”. Swimming was almost like a spiritual experience. My head felt weightless in the water.’

    In less than 5 minutes, you can watch in awe as Nell tells Allure Magazine about the tales of her hair loss from an early age. We hear how she has grown from a secretive child, who always tried to hide her baldness, into a self-confident adult who now draws strength from her old fears.

    What It Feels Like To Lose My Hair

    ‘So, I feel good. I feel a little weird. I wish I had felt this comfortable when I was younger but sometimes, when you don’t know that other people are going through it, it can be tough to be okay with it.’

    Created by As/Is in 2016, this video follows a woman named Becky Harris. After telling us about how alopecia has dominated her insecurities for nine years, she and her boyfriend join forces to brave Becky’s head shave. This moment is very moving as Harris finally embraces her hair loss.

    Here at The Wonderful Wig Company, we stock wigs, hairpieces and headwear for women with hair loss. If you would like to shop with us, please visit our online store or book an appointment where you can chat with our experts over a coffee in our multi-award-winning wig lounge!