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    5 Ways To Make Your Wig Look Real.

    5 Ways To Make Your Wig Look Real.

    Believability is the main goal for most of our clients. That’s why our specialist team at The Wonderful Wig Company want everyone who steps in our salon to look and feel comfortable and confident with their brand-new hair! So, without further ado, we are sharing our expert tips and tricks today to turn that hope into a reality.

    Here are five ways to make your wig look real:

    1. Choose the right wig for you.
    Whether you realise it or not, your hair is a pretty personal thing. Anyone who has modelled their haircut after someone else’s only to find that it looks completely different on their head can attest to that fact.

    A great starting point for choosing the right wig is figuring out your face shape. Luckily for you, we have already created a helpful guide. After that, there are personal preferences about hairstyles to consider as well. Finally, there’s the debate on synthetic vs. human hair wigs and, when it comes to
    which style looks more realistic, human hair wigs will always win that round.

    2. Come in for a consultation.
    Our award-winning salon is based in the City of Sunderland, North East England. So, if you’re able to come and chat with us over a cup of coffee in the relaxing retreat of our wig lounge, we simply can’t wait to meet you! Here at The Wonderful Wig Company, we have a five-star service waiting for you where you can interact with oh-so many wigs in person – more on that in the next point…

    3. Get measured and matched.
    We all love online shopping but when it comes to buying a wig, especially for the first time, receiving an in-person, professional service can make your experience run a lot smoother. We think that it’s always best for you to make a sure-footed decision about a wig rather than speedy online order.

    Ill-fitting wigs can create too much density in the wrong places which then looks fake. Certain shades can also wash out your complexion, hence why we factor in making a good match for your skin tone. For now, you can check out our guide here and you come in for a fitting with us at any tim

    4. Sport a shorter style.
    When it comes to synthetic wigs, shorter styles always seem to look more believable. The shorter strands manage to mimic the overall appearance and movement of biological hair to higher quality than some of the longer lengths are able to. Due to the mass of man-made fibres that are involved
    with long-length synthetic wigs, it can’t be helped that they tend to be the least durable as well.

    5. Take away the shine.
    Glossy hair is goals, we know and we agree! Having a natural-looking sheen on your strands not only catches the light in lovely way, it also has age-old associations with health and beauty. However, if wigs become shiny then it begins to look less like actual hair and much more like a wig. To fix it, all you have to do is spray on a little bit of dry shampoo and softly brush it through!