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    Choosing the right wig: skin tone guide

    Choosing the right wig: skin tone guide

    Did you know that your skin tone plays a giant part in determining which hair shades will work wonders for you? In our skin tone guide, we’re offering you sound advice on how you can match various hair shades and accessories to suit different complexions. We hope that this can help you narrow down the search to find your perfect wig!

    Warm Undertone

    Look at your wrist, your veins have a green tint. Your skin has a yellowish hue. Having a warm undertone often comes with hazel, green or amber-tinted eyes. Opt for nude tones, brown lip shades and warm reds rather than pinks and cool-toned reds. Gold jewellery suits you best. For your hair colour, consider a rich brown shade, warm-toned blondes and auburn or coppery tints.

    • For fair skin… we recommend strawberry blondes and honey blonde shades.
    • For medium skin… consider coppery and caramel hair colours.
    • For olive skin… we suggest mochas and rich browns or even a violet-based shade.
    • For dark skin… check out warm, toffee-coloured and maples and browns.

    Cool Undertone

    Look at your wrist, your veins have a blue tint. Your skin has a pink or blueish hue. Having a cool undertone usually pairs with extreme light or dark eye colours; blues, greys, greens and browns that border on black. Pinks and blue-based red lipsticks are more flattering on you than warm-toned reds and browns. Silver jewellery compliments your complexion more. For your hair colour, consider a platinum blonde, ashy-toned blondes, dark browns or even jet black. You could go bolder still and choose a bright jewel colour in shades of blue, cool-toned reds or purple.

    • For fair skin… we love ashy-toned blondes, platinum blondes and gingery reds.
    • For medium skin… try a blue-based blonde, a walnut brown shade or even jewel tones.
    • For olive skin… think about auburn hues, cinnamon or chestnut browns.
    • For dark skin… go for espresso brown or jet black.

    Neutral Undertone

    Look at your wrist, your veins have a mixture of blue, green and maybe purple tints. This means that you fall somewhere in the middle. Even if it’s not always obvious, everyone has a warm or cool-toned predominance. Both silver and gold jewellery will flatter you, so you can pull off a variety of hair shades. That being said, figuring out which side you lean towards more will help you to maximise on the impact of your hair colour.