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    How To Part A Wig

    How To Part A Wig

    Today, we are going to discuss how to part a wig, including which kinds of wigs can be parted and which ones are already done for you. Stick around to find out how you can frame your face better just by parting your hair in another way.

    Settle with synthetic styles.
    Most often, synthetic styles will already come pre-parted for you. Many women love to put their trust into a hairstyle that has already been taken care of and this is a wonderful addition to a low-maintenance look. Do you want your hair stay put without having to lift finger? If you do, you can
    shop for a synthetic wig with us today.

    Monofilament is magical.
    Whether your wig has been made with synthetic fibres or human hair, those which have been created with a monofilament cap can be parted wherever you like. This also applies to those with monofilament tops and hand-tied caps as well.

    Unlike with machine wefted wigs, these high-quality cap designs are an absolute dream for those who are after more styling options with multi-directional versatility!

    Wait until your hair is wet.
    Again, regardless of which hair type your wig may be, this advice applies all with monofilament or hand-tied tops! After washing your wig, we recommend resetting the parting wherever you want while the hair is still completely wet – but don’t brush it. Always brush your wig when it is dry.

    Let it air dry naturally overnight and this will help to set the new parting into place, ready for you to wear by the following morning.

    Try to flatter your face shape.
    We will be launching an entire blog post dedicated to face shapes if you fancy figuring out what shape you have soon! While that post will focus on which haircuts will be sure to flatter your features, we will take some time now to chat about choosing the right parting for your face shape:

    • Oval-shaped faces suit any style of parting – so switch it up whenever you like!
    • Round-shaped faces should try a middle-parting or a deep side-parting.
    • Heart-shaped faces should stick with a deep-side parting for most haircuts too.
    • Diamond-shaped faces should always go with a good old side-parting.
    • Square-shaped faces should stick with a parting that is slightly off-centre but not too deep.
    • Long-shaped faces should part their hair right in the middle with a centre-parting