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    How To Style Your Synthetic Wig

    How To Style Your Synthetic Wig

    Our wig specialists here at The Wonderful Wig Company find themselves facing this question often. So, we’re here today to share our knowledge with all of our curious clients, wig-wearing beginners and swaying switchers who just might hang up their human hair wigs for good after reading this.

    The short answer is…
    You don’t. That’s right, the simplest way to explain how to style a synthetic wig is by stating that you don’t really have to. Every synthetic wig that sits in our salon has been designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Since these fancy fibres are pretty much set in stone, synthetic wigs are available in an array of pretty and popular hairstyles to choose from. So, why not shop today?

    Made to have memory
    Sometimes, we still can’t quite wrap our heads around how these clever wigs hold their style but it’s true that they do. You see, synthetic wigs have something called ‘style retention’ and this basically means that your chosen style will always revert back to its original shape, even after it gets wet!

    We recommend reading through our Wig Maintenance and Care Guide where you can learn about how to wash and dry your synthetic wig, step-by-step. After all, it is crucial to know that you must leave your synthetic wig to air-dry naturally and avoid hairdryers.

    So, how about heat?
    Generally speaking, applying heat to a synthetic wig for styling purposes is major mistake. These wigs and hot tools should be viewed as enemies and never the twain shall meet. Not only does the application of heat seriously stress the style of a synthetic wig, it basically burns the fibres as well.

    However, some new synthetic wigs and hairpieces use advanced technology to make them heat-resistant. Styles like the Always Wig by Raquel Welch and the Upstage Wig by Raquel Welch have been specially created to handle the light application of hot tools on a low setting.

    Of course, these heat-friendly fibres are much more versatile than the vast majority of synthetic wigs because you have many more styling options at hand.

    Nicola Wood

    Synthetic wigs are a great choice for beginners and pros alike. For those who live busy lives, we’re sure you can now see how synthetic wigs are heaven-sent!

    Synthetic selling points
    All in all, synthetic wigs work wonders for customers who are after a no-hassle hairdo. For a lower price, you will receive a salon-quality hairstyle that will hold its shape, wear after wear. There is no worrying about rain or humidity because weather conditions simply don’t affect synthetic fibres.