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    Making Your Wig Look Even More Natural

    Making Your Wig Look Even More Natural

    So you’ve just got your new wig and you’re worried about how natural it looks? We have some tips and tricks to help you achieve your dream style! 

    With The Wonderful Wig Company you don’t always need to do these steps as our wigs made to look as natural as possible with very little maintenance necessary but if you feel you want to go the extra mile to be comfortable in your wig here are 4 steps you can take to achieve the look you desire:

    Pluck the Hairline and Parting

    I know… this step may sound SO intimidating if you have just received your wig, but this may change the way you wear your wigs forever! Typically a wig will have a straight hairline which does not usually blend in too well with the skin, and when you see a natural hair line it is very rarely even. So what can you do? Pluck your wig! 

    When your dream lace front wig arrives, plucking the hairline and parting is going to give you the most sleek and seamless hairline you can possibly create.

    All you have to do is grab your tweezers and pluck the day away! Use your tweezers to pull out the individual hairs along the hairline and the parting to your desired look and you’re done, its that easy! You can do this with your wig on your head or keep trying it on to make sure you don’t get too tweezer happy!


    Concealer!? On your hair!? Its sounds crazy but trust me it works!

    First you want to flip your wig inside out, find the parting and grab your concealer. Apply concealer to the inside of the of the lace along the parting. Pop your wig back on and make sure you’re happy with the placement of the parting and then apply a little bit more concealer along the parting again but on the outside of the wig this time. If you want to make sure it is all smoothly blended out, you can add a powder or powder foundation (in small amounts) along where you have put the concealer to make it look airbrushed! Make sure you take your time! 

    Don’t be too heavy handed and always apply small amounts gradually. Slow and steady wins the race. BUT you can always wash it out so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it perfect, you’re still learning.


    Makeup is your best friend at this point. This step is a little easier than the last, I promise. All you need is your bronzer, a dense brush and you’re good to go.

    So you have your wig on, it’s glued, it’s concealed, its styled and you still want that extra blend. ALL you’re going to do is take that bronzer you prepared earlier, get your brush back out of the makeup bag and brush bronzer across the hairline of the wig. That’s it. If you’re a bit more of an expert you can pat your bronzer along the hairline with a dense brush and blend it out with a beauty blender or a lighter brush. This creates depth along the hairline and is going to blend the roots into your scalp.

    Hot Comb Hairstyles 

    Now this tip is super extra and is really for those perfectionists who want to go the extra mile to make their wigs PERFECT.   

    Treat yourself to a hot comb!

    This will make sure your wig lays as natural as possible on your head and make some of that thickness go down.

    You also want to make sure you’re careful with this step as it requires heat and not all wigs respond to heat perfectly so always check before using heat!

    Our Final Secret Hints…

    Some final tips and tricks to make your wig look as natural as possible, is to grab some hair products like wax and mousse to apply to the hair for styling and taming. Adding mouse to the root of the wig tames the hair and makes it lay smoothly. You can also get yourself a styling wax to get those loose strands in order.

    But most importantly EXUDE confidence! Nothing looks better than a look with confidence.