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    7 top tips for choosing a new wig!

    7 top tips for choosing a new wig!

     You may or may not have been there before but choosing a wig can be a very complicated (and daunting) process! That's why it's super important to know what you walking into before because it can really help with what you come away with. 

    So you've made the decision, you either need a new wig for medical reasons or you've decided you just want to rock a totally new hair style. But where do you start? This blog covers 7 key top tips that you must bear in mind when choosing your wig. 

    1. Get it fitted

    The number one tip and it's for a very good reason. Wigs come in all shapes and sizes so getting it fit exactly to your head size is super key. 

    There are lots of factors to consider - the cap size, a lace front or just the overall sizing and length, but we always recommend getting it fitted before you buy your new piece. 

    Go to a trained professional who can advise you on the fit and size and also make any alterations for you. We see a lot of people who end up ruining their hair by doing this at home and we also see a lot of people ordering online to be disappointed by the size. So people, get it fitted! 


    2. Getting the right one

    This might sound obvious but we see and hear about a lot of people who just don't look at their options before they shop. Wigs aren't like they used to be and they come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. This is why it's important to look around and explore your options. 

    One of the biggest options we like to show and explore with our customers is  synthetic and human hair. Both are different in different ways and both offer pros and cons  so there are big considerations to be made. 

    Human hair offers more versatility in terms of styling options and longevity whereas synthetic are generally lower maintenance and lower cost. But you get the point - style, feel and other factors vary massively across wig types so always look at your options. 


    3. Volume is more important than you think

    If you are looking for the most natural looking wig then volume is key. We also recommend sticking to a volume that you are used to or the same volume of hair as you had before. 

    Too much volume or too little volume can make your wig look unnatural and it might stand out in a way you don't want it to. If in doubt, you can always check with us and we can offer you the best advice possible. We also offer all of our clients the option to cut and style their pieces to their exact needs so they are as natural as they possibly can be. 

    4. Experiment

    A tip that always gets overlooked. You don't have to always play it safe. 

    Experimenting with new styles, colours and wig types can be great for confidence and also a great way to express yourself. 

    If you are visiting a salon like ours where we stock hundreds of different types of wigs then you ask to try them on! Speak to your wig specialist and ask them what they think might work and you might well be pleasantly surprised. 

    5. Consider wig caps

    You either wear them or you don't. That seems to be the trend with our customers anyway. 

    It's therefore paramount to consider wig caps before making your purchase. They can add comfort to some people and might even help with certain materials.

    But again always try these out. Some of our customers with total hair loss might find wig caps to be advantageous as they act as a protective barrier between their scalp and their wig. On the other hand, some of our other customers with total hair loss find them to be too hot if they are not ventilated properly. 

    6. Get all the goodies

    Once you've chosen your wig you are 90% of the way there but you do need a few essentials to stay on top of things.

    We recommend everyone with a wig to get a wig stand. They are a great place to store your hair on overnight or when you aren't wearing it and they keep it in shape and prevent it getting tangled or knotted. 

    You view our full range of hair essential products here 

     7. Wear it with pride

    Lastly, one of the most important top tips. Wear your new hair proudly. You are beautiful and so too is your new hair! 

    Once you've chosen your wig there is still more to do but we'll leave that for another blog. You can, however, check out the top 3 things you should do when you get your new hair video below.