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    Warmer weather wig tips!

    Warmer weather wig tips!

    Spring and Summertime may still feel like a lifetime away but warmer weather is definitely on the way. We all know that hotter days do present some challenges for wig wearers, whether you wear synthetic or human hair. 

    We sat down with our team of wig experts to get some top tips for you people and here we are. 

    Opt for shorter hair or a shorter style 

    For obvious reasons shorter hair will be cooler as a general rule of thumb. Keeping your hair off your neck is a must if you are prone to getting too hot. If you aren't looking to buy an alternative piece then styling your hair is super simple and very effective. We would recommend a simple up-do, a loose ponytail or a simple messy bun. 

    Tossing those curls up or aside on warmer days is a sure winner but if you looking to invest in a piece that is not shoulder-length, then there are plenty of styles that are perfect for Summer. Short bobs and pixie cuts are a few examples of pieces that we would recommend, with no heavy hair covering your neck and creating unwanted heat and discomfort. Here we've picked out some of our shorter, bob-styled pieces which we think may just be the one for you - click here to view

    Synthetic hair is your new best friend

    We would also recommend going for a lower volume piece for maximum air flow during the summer’s heat. 

    Whether your new to synthetic hair or your a seasoned synthetic wearer, we are sure you will have heard that they are, generally, lighter and more suited to warmer climates and weather. 

    Synthetic hair is made from man-made fibres that are, of course, much lighter than human hair and the best thing is that they’re also much more affordable than human hair. Check out our full range of synthetic pieces on our website now - click here to shop. 

    One extra small tip though. Synthetic hairpieces should not be stored in direct sunlight as the heat will eventually damage the hair. Store them out of sunlight where possible and thank us later. 

    Human hair is of course still viable in the Summer, so we've picked out two of our best pieces from our own range - Lola and the Mia

    Get used to washing your wig more

    Whilst we never encourage you to over wash your hair, excess sweat on hotter days means your wig will collect unwanted sweat and oils and we all know what that means. A heavier and denser wig which will ultimately lead to a far hotter and more uncomfortable wig wearing experience. 

    We recommend washing your wig more frequently than usual. This will not only clean any excess sweat but more importantly take out that unwanted weight that will have been contribute to overheating. 

    Same goes for what's in your hair too. If you using more product on your hair in the summer and sweating more you are going to end up with a dense and heavy piece which really is your worst nightmare. Careful and more regular washing is therefore your best friend for dealing with these issues. 

    For advice on washing your synthetic wig you can check out the below video

    For advice on washing your human hair wig head to: Human Hair Washing Advice

    Wig caps - lots to consider

    Pro: Caps can soak up any sweat.

    Wig caps can also act a preventative barrier between your scalp and your wig. For hotter heads, this can benefit the longevity of your locks and protect them from exposure to moisture. Dampness has a damaging effect on your wig, hence why we would never recommend wearing a wig whilst your head is wet.

     For exercise or during hot weather, maybe consider a cap or slip into another style of headwear that has been specially designed for hair loss.

    Con: Caps may make you feel hot.

    On the other hand, some wearers prefer to skip the step of wearing a wig cap. After all, it is just another layer on top of your head so, if are already feeling hot, then it may not be the best option for you. There is no right or wrong. As we have previously mentioned, this is all about personal preferences!

    Alternative options. Enter headwear!

    Don't forget that headwear is another great option and it's probably the most simple one of the lot. Keeping your hair shaded with a wide brimmed hat, a baseball cap or headscarf is one of the easiest ways to stay cool and you can also wear headwear without your wig if you are comfortable to do so. 

    And finally, Spritz and sprays

    There are plenty of other options to cool off in the Summer whether it be a homemade spritz or a cooling Aloe Vera gel. Your scalp will get hot, regardless of what you do or wear so having something to cool it down is always a winner. 

    One refreshing technique that is fairly simple and can be done at home is a simple spray. All you'll need is a small spray bottle, some water and a few drops of witch hazel and you are good to go. An Aloe Vera gel can also be perfect and will leave your scalp feeling cool and refreshed. Remember though that these might not work for everyone and in some cases might irritate your skin. As you'll know the scalp is super sensitive so be careful with what your applying to it and how it might be affecting it. 

    Another alternative is just a simple anti-humidity spray. These sprays are designed to repel water and keep moisture from damaging your hair but they will eventually contribute to a denser and heavier wig. Maintaining a more regular washing routine will help avoid this though. 

    P.S don't forget to wear your sun screen! On a really hot summers day you might just want to ditch all your hair pieces and wear a scarf but remember to wear a high factor sun screen. The skin on the top of your head is far more sensitive to that on your body so it's really important that you stay topped up with a high factor.